GREAT Sadness

Although a very new project, it isn't going to continue beyond this point. Martin's and my beloved friend, Tessa-Marie, passed away unexpectedly  in her sleep on 26 May 2012. For now, I'm going to leave this here in case anyone would like to experience the unique relationship these two little dogs had. We are both very sad. We miss her a lot. Thanks for stopping by.
I will post some photos when I'm able but for now please visit my friends at Pasha and Ani have posted some sweet words. Thanks Pasha and Ani! We love you!

Happy Spring From Tessa-Marie The Cocker Spaniel & Her Buddy Martin The Shih Tzu!

WOW! 2 more days until the 1st day of Spring! Happy Spring! Today you really knew that it's almost here just by the way my little friend Martin was acting. Boy oh boy was he ever a grouchy little Shih Tzu!!

Today I got to go for a walk with my human & Martin was in the big pen playing with all his little Shih Tzu pals so we thought he'd be happy there but we were SO wrong! It made him very angry to think he was being left behind. The whole time we were walking we could see him sitting in the pen all by himself staring at us & looking really mad!

When we came back he didn't even want to be with us. First he ran around & ran around in the field to show all his pup pals in the pen that he was free & they weren't. Then he brought his little, grouchy Shih Tzu self into the basement & curled up really tight W-A-A-Y-Y down on the other end of the sofa so he didn't have to talk to us. That isn't the worst part though.

Later in the day we all got to go for a ride. We were sitting on the passengers seat & I thought everything was OK until he started growling & biting my face! He's NEVER done anything like this before. He's always  been so sweet to me! 

 While we were sitting in the car (for like 5 minutes)  waiting for our human to come back, he just had a meltdown. He was jumping around on the seats, scratching the windows & barking his little Shih Tzu head off!

Creative Commons -tejvanphotos
When we got back to our basement, he curled up in that same little ball again & just pouted for the rest of the afternoon. I guess all I can say is that even though we've only been together for 3 months, I guess my Martini really does love me! Oh gosh, I'm SO happy he came to live with us! I'm such a happy little Cocker Spaniel, I found some of the first flowers of Spring just for my Shih Tzu friend My Martini! ♥ ♥ ♥  

Want To Know Why I'm Called A Blue Shih Tzu?

This is me at 1 year old
Not only am I really cute, I'm a blue Shih Tzu.
What's a blue Shih Tzu?
Well, I'm not really blue. That's for other animals, mostly the ones you see in cartoons! TEE-HEE! :)
I'm a blue Shih Tzu because:
Blue is a rare color most people have never seen. Only a few breeders produce blue Shih Tzus. 

Sometimes it's hard for breeders to figure out which one of us is blue! Sometimes it's obvious as our noses will  be light purpleish blue or light grey. Some of our noses are a real, dark, gunmetal grey and it'll look like  black. 

Most blue Shih Tzu's have grey eye rims, grey lips & foot pads. Some of us have a blue tint to our skin in some spots & I have blue spots on the back of my tongue. 

A blue Shih Tzu can have any color coat. You can't tell us by our coats because if our coats  looks blue, it doesn't make us a blue Shih Tzu. You have to look at our nose. You can tell the colors better in bright light outdoors. Compare a blue nose to a black nose & you'll see the difference.

 Blue & Liver colored Shih Tzus are a result of dilute genes. In order to produce a Blue or Liver Shih Tzu you have to breed a Blue Shih Tzu or have one that's  a carrier meaning the parents or grandparents were blue Shih Tzus.

I'm just like my Daddy! He's blue too!

My Shih Tzu Puppies Have All Gone! Bye Bye Sweet Babies!

Aren't we cute? Here we are. Everyone has grown up SO fast. My babies have left home and they have really cool homes.

The man in the blue shirt is the good Vet who has always taken care of my family and me. He's always been my Doctor and he's very, very, nice and his hands are always warm! He really loves his job and all of us who see him. We're very lucky to have him in our lives. He keeps us healthy and loves us too!

And here I am! I'm such a happy guy! Nothing upsets me except when Tessa gets mad at me but she wasn't mad this day 'coz she was sitting on the floor right below me. She has to know where I am all the time! I know my kids will grow up to be very cute. Just looking at me should tell you that! I'm a sweet, lovable old soul even though I'm only 2!

The two sitting right behind me went to live together because the lady who bought them realized how close they were. She wanted them to stay together! They're probably going to grow up to be very smart because they're new Mom is a college professor! The little one in the back is Stella and she looks just like me! Her brother was named Sammy. The little guy on the next step is going to have a little girl and a little boy to play with and love him. They named him Cookie! Isn't that so sweet?

Bye-bye for now. I have to go. Tessa-Marie and I are going to share a Valentine's dinner of nice warm chicken, oatmeal, lentils and vegetables..YUM! YUM!.....but more about that another day!

See ya next time!
Tessa-Marie & Martin!

Mama Heidi & Her Shih Tzu Babies! Aw-w-w-w-w!!! :)

This is SO cute & I'm such a proud Papa I just had to come back & share it! (I sure hope Tessa-Marie doesn't get jealous!)

Meet My Newest Shih Tzu Puppies!

This is my little girl! She was born 19 December 2011. She's very tiny & VERY cute. She has 2 brothers too! I'll show them to you in a minute but you have to see my girl first! Dad's are always proud of their girls!

OK! Now it's the boys turn! The little guy on the left is going to a new home very soon. He'll have a little girl & boy to play with! His name is going to be Cookie! Pretty cute Huh? I think so! The one on the right is just like me! When you flip me over upside down, I turn to rubber and slide right off things! Every once in a while I slide right off the sofa when I'm sound asleep & end up on the floor. It's pretty funny! So, here's a picture of their Mom! Her name is Heidi! She's very pretty but not as pretty as my favorite girl Tessa-Marie! heeheehee!

See ya next time!
Tessa-Marie & Martin!

Hi! See How Cute A Cocker Spaniel & A Shih Tzu Look Together?

That's us up there in the photo! I'm Tessa-Marie the one on the left and behind me is my little buddy Martin. We're very happy here in the basement. We have plenty of warm blankets to snooze on but the most important part is we have each other to snuggle up to! I'm 9 years old now and Martin is only 2. I've been alone a long time and that has made me kinda grouchy but now that I have my little friend Martini the Shih Tzu (that's my pet name for him!) heeheehee! I'm much happier. I'm SO happy I'll even share my food! Time to go back to sleep now! Thanks for stopping by! syl

We Have Some Pretty Cool Friends To Tell You All About Too!

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Hi & Welcome! We're A Cocker Spaniel & A Shih Tzu

We're Tessa-Marie, a cute but grouchy black Cocker (I'm not grouchy! I'm just selfish with my stuff !) & Martin, a lovable, intelligent blue Shih Tzu who loves to run & play! Yes, we're sentenced to the basement but it's not what you might think. We have purple dinosaurs to protect and squeak, Greenies, lotsa good home cooking and warm,soft places to sleep. We even have one of our humans down here with us to love us and scratch our ears! Life is pretty good here in the basement.
Thanks for stopping by. We hope you'll stop by again very soon!

Tessa-Marie & Martin! :)